How to pick the right mail forwarder!

A mail forwarding company is a company who is in the business of receiving, processing/repackaging and sending mail to from one location to another location. These companies provide a local address to the consumer to use.

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What is a Mail Forwarder?
A mail forwarder is a company or an individual who is in the business of receiving, processing/repackaging and sending mail to from one location to another location.

One of the primary functions of a mail forwarding company is providing a local address to receive packages and forward packages to another location. The mail forwarding company also has to complete all customs paperwork and check packages to ensure that the package forwarding does not contain any hazzardous items. As can be seen their core competency and functionality demands accountability, responsibility, and experience. Therefore it’s important that you pick the right mail forwarder.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind, when it comes to choosing a Mail Forwarding Company.

The Size of the Mail Forwarder:
The mail forwarder’s company must be big enough to accommodate all your requirements but small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve. This will ensure all your shipping needs are handled effectively and on a continuous basis while treating you like a friend rather than a number.

Address provided:
Make sure the address the forwarder is giving you is a street address and not a P.O. Box. This will help weed out any fly by night company.

Extra services offered:
Most mail forwarders offer other mail forwarding services such as: fax services scanned and emailed to you, scanning of letters to email, this will save you on shipping costs while also getting your letter quicker. Another service some forwarders offer is a Concierge Service. The service is basically a catch all, in other words, whatever you need or anything you need in the forwarders country, they will do or try to help you accomplish. This also would most times include a personal shopper in the forwarding company’s country.

Ship the the package when you want it, how you want it:
The package forwarding company that you select must have the means to ship the package with combined shipping. This will save the customer money by combining shipment into one box instead of multiple boxes and multiple costs. Sometimes this combined shipping saves you up to 60% as opposed to individual package shipping.

Good Networking
Go for forwarders that have a superior network of overseas couriers. If your package forwarder has a great network of agents in your target market, then the better it is for you. You must also be well aware of the handling capacity and capability of these agents.
A good network means that your shipment will reach its destination without any hassles and within the requisite deadline. Some of these couriers are DHL, FEDEX, and UPS.

A Good Communicator
Not many people have an expertise when it comes to the shipping of their products. Therefore, your package forwarder must have the patience and ability to explain the necessary procedure to you. Moreover, the forwarder must be able to talk to you in a simplistic term. Shipping from one country to another country has many customs regulations and restrictions.

Product Knowledge
If you can, do choose a Mail Forwarder who has some kind of knowledge or comfort level with the product that you want shipped. The forwarder that you pick must be able to recognize the special needs of your product, if any, and make the necessary preparations for shipping.

A Good Communications Network
How fast can the freight forwarder get in touch with you and vice-versa? How soon can the freight forwarder give your information about the status of your shipment? Is real time tracking information available? The answer to all these questions will give you fair idea about the forwarder’s communication links and whether they are good enough for your requirements. The bast mail forwarding companies have email notification, wherein they email you when your package has arrived. Most forwarding companies send only using package tracking through DHL, Fed EX and UPS. Make sure you will be able to track your shipment at all times.

We hope this article helps in your choosing of a Mail Forwarding Company.

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Shopping a USA site from Oversea’s

As most overseas consumers know, shopping USA merchants can be a real hassle. There are 2 problems you will run in to.
Number one is do they accept my form of payment? Master Card, Visa, PayPal etc… 95% of the time they accept some form of payment available to most of the world.
The worst problem with USA merchants are “WE DO NOT SHIP OVERSEAS” or “NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING”. How many times have you heard that? Most USA online merchants do not ship overseas (some estimates say 88%).

Solution: Get a USA Address that will accept and forward your mail for you!

We recommend using based out of beautiful Palmetto Florida can help with all your needs when it comes to mail forwarding.

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